Is Charlie Day the Most Talented Person on Earth?

Many People Are Saying He Is


I think we all damn well know that Charlie is the most talented comedic actor of our generation. We all know that he’s a pretty sweet deal. Yet, last night he goes off and posts this video on Instagram…

Holy shit dude! The man’s a damn legend! It’s like if Randy Newman made a love child with Bob Dylan. Then that baby was raised by Gene Wilder and Danny DeVito (because who else)! From his already known angelic voice to the way he makes sweet love on the keys, Charlie is Everything!

The man plays the GODDAMN harmonica too! I haven’t been this into harmonicas since Blues Brothers 2000. When that orphan kid played the shit out of the harmonica I made my parents buy me a Cracker Barrel harmonica. Long story short, playing the harmonica is cool again! Thanks Trump…I mean Charlie.

The only problem about this video is that its only 30 something seconds long. I need an entire album of this and I need it injected straight into my veins. Also, he better be singing “que sara sara” to 2017 and not to something we all love and can’t live without. Too Many Implications!

While you’re here…take a look at some more Charlie singing videos from Instagram. You should probably start following him if you haven’t already. I mean, I did already tell you to follow him once! This man is the true golden god and Five Star Man!

Sunday Song #whynot

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…are you still here? Good! Here’s another treat from Charlie’s Insta. Enjoy!

This is [email protected] #sunnyfxx

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