Breaking News! Glenn Confirms That We Are All Crazy and He’s Still in the Gang

That’s the Five Star Man We All Love

At this point of the saga, we will take every bit of good news and run with it. Yet, this news seems a little more substantial than the usual “Glenn sneezed today, HE’S BACK”. At the Television Critics Associations winter press tour, whatever the hell that is, Glenn gives us a glimmer of hope. Glenn is quoted as saying AND I QUOTE… 

I’ve not officially left yet and I hope people understand that.

What a sentence! He just can’t give us a Yes or a NO can he, that SON OF A BITCH! Officially, he hasn’t left…yet? Even with this technicality, it seems like he’s coming back.

You have to ask yourself, “Why would he even say that if he was leaving?” Then he hopes we understand that he isn’t gone. Why would he care if people understand that he hasn’t officially left yet? SEE! He’s definitely not leaving.

In the same interview, Glenn also talks about his new show A.P. Bio. He actually addressed a concern I’ve heard a lot of people have a bout the show as well. After I blogged about A.P Bio’s first trailer, everyone was saying “That is Dennis!” So Glenn…thoughts?

“This is just a totally separate project. Look I mean I hope people, I think one of the tough things about doing a show for 12 years is people might have a hard time seeing you as anything else. I realize that, that could be a little bit of a struggle for me as an actor. But that’s why it was important for me to get do something with someone who has a distinctive voice. […] You know I wasn’t even planning on jumping into anything else. But I read the script and I saw it was Lorne Michaels and Seth Meyers and I couldn’t pass it up. But mostly I just love the script and the character.”

UHHHH Yeah Glenn, I’m gonna have a hell of a time trying not to see you as a Golden God! That is who you are to your core. GODDAMNIT!

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