It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Arcade Game and Board Game

New ways to get your It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fix

Reddit is the self-proclaimed front page of the internet. With millions of users, it’s one of the best places to find news and related content about your favorite tv shows. Hundreds of posts make it onto its homepage every day and if you’re anything like myself, you’ve probably refreshed Reddit’s front page a dozen times or more to keep abreast of anything recently uploaded.

However, my favorite subreddit on the platform is by far the IASIP (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) subreddit. Die-hard fans of the show post some of the most awesome stuff there.

It’s Always Sunny Arcade Game

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia arcade game

Recently, a Redditor going by the username MateusGranico posted one of the most mind-blowing photos regarding It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

The post was a hilarious photo entitled, “Its Always Sunny Arcade.” The premise of the post was “here’s how the gang would look if they were in a 90’s arcade game.”

The photo took Reddit by storm and die-hard fans of the show couldn’t help but love the illustration.

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Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia board game

Well, if you were planning on going out and getting yourself an Its Always Sunny 90’s arcade game for you birthday, you going to be sadly disappointed. It doesn’t exist yet but all hope isn’t lost. You could still make your birthday awesome with the gang’s interactive board game.

Yes, you heard me right, there’s an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia board game and it’s f*cking amazing. Did you ever want to own shares in Paddy’s Pub? Now you can step into Paddy’s Pub with Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Dee, and Frank.

Here’s your chance to become one of the gang and try your luck at purchasing the most shares in the iconic Pub. Everyone working in harmony for a common cause: themselves!

As said before, the object of the game is to gain the most shares in Paddy’s Pub. You do this by collecting beers (tokens). After you’ve collected the tokens, make your way to the pub and convert them to empties. From there, trade your empties for Paddy’s Pub Dollars at a beer store. Now that you’ve collected your Paddy’s Pub dollars, make your way to Paddy’s Pub Headquarters to purchase some shares.

Along your way, don’t forget to ‘Bang the Waitress’ and backstab other members of The Gang with some Charlie Work!

Get your hands on this board game

With the new year just starting, give the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan in your life the greatest gift of all or get it for yourself. The best part about it is you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on this awesome game. Simply go to Amazon and order it there.

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